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Issue: Infertility

Since beginning hypnosis with Kristin I’ve noticed some huge shifts in my life. I feel like I’ve gained incredible clarity about myself and people around me. I feel like I understand myself and others and can interact in the best possible way in all social situations. Specifically, I can now express my frustrations and anger, plus feel comfortable when others do too. I feel much more relaxed in general and more at peace with myself. I feel like I’m removing the major hang-ups I’ve had since childhood, which is making me more successful as an adult, so I feel like ia m going to be awesome at whatever I put my mind to because I can devote all my energy to what’s important in my life, rather than wasting unseen energy on old issues that no longer serve me . Thanks for helping me to be my best self!

–Sincerely S.T.

Issue: Chronic Blushing, Self Esteem, Public Speaking

I felt very uneasy at first with the idea of hypnosis. But that subsided after my first session with Kristin. I have made great progress in the past four weeks and have learned tools to help myself when I am involved in social situations where I am feeling unease. This program has really taught me a lot about myself. While my program was meant to improve my self confidence I also learned how to relax and how to forgive others.

Issue: Fear of Dentists

It has been a fascinating and rewarding experience. I hadn’t expected to learn as much about myself as I have. I have certainly gained confidence and perspective throughout this process. The prospect of ending my sessions is disappointing, but only for good reasons; again it’s quite an experience. You have a calming presence and your ease makes it easy to relax and trust. Thank you for your talent, patience, and skill your compassion is as healing as your technique.


Issue: Fear of Flying

I felt this was a safe and restful therapeutic methodology. Whether or not the therapy has produced the desired result will still have to be proven in the natural environment. I am extremely hopeful that the sessions will prove to have abated my fears. I feel a lot more comfortable and confident in my everyday life.


Issue: Neck Tremors

Dear Kristin,
Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am having more awareness of calm and peacefulness. And that’s a lot calming my removing which is a lot less severe. Thanks again for all you have done.

–Sincerely, D.H.

Issues: Past Issues

This is my first experience with hypnosis. It was a good experience although quite draining (due to the content of my sessions I am sure). I came here with more specific goals and ended up doing more healing work. It has been a healing cathartic set of experiences. Thanks for bringing this work into the main stream.


Issue: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I really believe this process so far has been helpful to me. I feel better where my IBS is concerned in the physical sense. I sleep better. I relax better in stressful situations, my headaches are way less frequent even after quitting the use of Tylenol. I learned a lot of very important things about myself and my life. This experience was definitely not a waste of time. I have and will continue to refer others to this place and to Kristin. Thanks for everything.


Issue: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Since I did hypnosis with Kristin I have been feeling so much better. I was diagnosed with IBS a few months ago. I was in pain to the point where going to work was a struggle. All I could do was sit in bed and deal with my symptoms. My husband read an article about how hypnosis helps people with IBS. I called Kristin and now I feel so much better. I have my life back and my happiness that I hadn’t even realized I had lost a part of. Thanks so much for everything.


Issue: Confidence

Dear Kristin,
Thank you for helping me to find the real me. Are the changes that I am realizing dramatic? Overwhelmingly obvious? Somewhat. They are subtle and controlled. I was not looking to completely change my life I was looking at getting back to where…somewhere with in the last 15 years… I lost my confidence in who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing. I am on the road, and am enjoying each day (instead of dreading each day) Thank you for guiding me and lighting the path


Issue: Smoking

Dear Kristin,
Thank you so much for your help. Because of your work-I am finally a Non-smoker. What I like best is I have accomplished my goal-almost painlessly. Since I have done hypnosis with Kristin I feel great and know and believe this time I am going to make it! Hallelujah!! Thanks a million.


Issue: Smoking

I have been able to do something that I have wanted to do for years, quit smoking. Thanks to Kristin and hypnosis I have been able to stop smoking after 48 years and not gained any weight. An immense thank you and keep up the great work. You have changed my life.


Issue: Smoking

Since coming for hypnosis I have been able to stay smoke free. I was really surprised at the whole process of hypnosis. I have been able to work three issues that have stayed with me, and kept me stuck. Thanks for freeing me. It is so much more than just getting rid of the cigarettes.


Issue: Smoking Cessation

Dear Kristin,
Since doing hypnosis I feel much better about everything and being able to be smoke free at the same time just makes it that much better. Believing and knowing you actually cared meant the most of all and made me even more determined. It was really comfortable being able to let my guard down to be open and safe at the same time. The last chapter in my life has now been rewritten for the better. Thanks doesn’t seem good enough so instead I will just remain smoke free and keep trying to allow myself to be able to experience pain when necessary so I can move past it.


Issue: Smoking Cessation

I was a little skeptical about using hypnosis again after a few failed attempts using it a couple of years ago. I am happy to say trying hypnosis again was a very positive step in quitting smoking. The way Kristin works is nothing like what I experienced in the past. I believe Kristin has given me the tools I need in order to be successful at this . These additional sessions as well as the introduction to hypnotherapy have given me a lot more insight to myself. There are so many changes and positive benefits to go along with being a non-smoker. Finally!!!


Issue: Smoking Cessation

Dear Kristin,
Thanks for all of your help. I haven’t had a cigarette since before our first session. Even though I may now hold the record for being your most difficult client I really appreciate what you have helped me to accomplish. I have recommended you to several friends already and hopefully if they can be convinced of how helpful you have been through this they can see how easy this really can be. Thanks again for your talent, care, patience, concern and above all your belief in me.


Issue: Weight loss

Dear Kristin,
I was quite confident that hypnosis would work for me when I came here for the help in losing weight. This is my 5th session and I’ve already noticed a dramatic change in my eating habits. I still have a lot of weight to lose but I am well on my way. Thank you.


Issue: Weight loss

What has happened has been positive I only wish I would have found you years ago. The purpose was to lose weight for two weddings this year although I didn’t reach my goal for the first I know I am well on my way to being there for the second. There were so many additional side benefits on an emotional level. I feel better about a lot of things I now know I am not on a diet so there is no feeling of deprivation I have achieved the lifestyle change the will give me the capability of staying in shape for the years to come.


Issue: Weight Loss

Since I did hypnosis with Kristin I am more aware of what I am putting in my mouth. I am feeling great! It has really helped my impulsive eating and becoming aware of what my subconscious mind is telling me and listening to, do I really need the food? What am I feeling? Am I hungry or just eating out of boredom? She said when I see the color red it would reinforce my becoming thin. I didn’t realize how much red there was and when I see it I find myself feeling confident and saying to myself I am going to be thin. I can finally see myself being thin. What a wonderful way to reinforce it. I have already lost 21.5 lbs. Thanks to Kristin. I like how much more positive I am and the attitude change is wonderful.


Issue: Weight Loss

Since I did hypnosis with Kristin I feel lighter, in many ways. I feel that weight has started to leave my body but maybe more importantly I feel lighter emotionally I feel as thought I have a better perspective on my life and my body image has dramatically improved.
Thanks Kristin


Issue: Weight loss

Since I started doing hypnosis with Kristin, I feel wonderful and notice so many amazing changes. They are changes that others notice as well as I. I feel much more content with myself and amazingly relaxed. It is noce to not have to constantly worry or linger over mw. Weather or not I lose all of the weight I planned on losing I am so happy with the emotional and mental changes that have occurred. Any struggles or hard work I had to do in session was completely worth it. Thank you for helping me live a better and happier life.


Issue: Weight Loss, confidence

The experience that I have been through with Kristin has been wonderful. I feel my confidence has increased greatly, as well as my self esteem. I am down 12 pounds since starting and feel healthier than I have in a very long time. I have worked through a number of issues myself and would highly recommend hypnosis to anyone who is looking to make changes to any attribute to their lives. Thanks so much for everything.


Issue: Self Esteem, Sugar addiction

Dear Kristin,
You have helped me in more ways than I can count. I received more benefit from our sessions than all of my years of counseling and drugs I was given by doctors. I actually believed that I was sick for most of my life. That something was wrong with me. They said I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life and that if I ever stopped taking it I would crash and may never get back. You have freed me from those false beliefs. I now understand what was going on and I have released it. Thank you so much.


Issue: Personal Development, Confidence

Dear Kristin,
Thanks so much for the hypnotherapy sessions. You were great at establishing an environment of trust that allowed me to safely express my issues. I am impressed at the efficiency of the entire program. Allowing me to quickly identify, address and resolve many of the issues that had inhibited my current behavior and my life. Thank you!


Issue: Weight loss, Confidence

I feel much more self confident since my therapy with Kristin. Some of the things we worked through was not “fun” but they made me realize the issues I had that I needed to settle. I have been loosing weight and I feel as if I am not even trying.. I feel the therapy and hypnosis did this for me. Thanks to Kristin I feel much better. The entire experience was great.


Issue: Self Confidence

Kristin has helped me to cope with a difficult situation at work. I have increased self confidence and I am more comfortable meeting new people. I have been significantly benefited from my experience here. Everyone should go through this.


Issue: Anxiety and Social Phobia

I enjoyed working with Kristin tremendously. She was very professional and skilled. I felt completely safe and confident and I beliee because of that I made solid steps forward in lessening my anxiety. I noticed it became much easier to make phone calls, some thing I used to dread and always put off. My mind is quiet for the first time in 42 years. I feel calmer and much more confident. I have recommended Kristin to 3 friends already and will continue to recommend her to anyone and everyone who would benefit (which is probably everyone).


Issue: Smoking

Here I am at the end of my session and 22 days without smoking this is the longest I have been smoke free in over 35 years. It was so much easier than I thought it would be . I leave here today knowing I will remain a non-smoker for the rest of my long and healthy life. I feel great.


Issue: Anger and Bedwetting

I am not as angry as I used to be.
I can sleep in my own bed without being scared.
I can wake up in the morning dry.
I have made many more friends.


Issue: Social Phobia

Things I have noticed is that my anxiety is significantly decreasing every time I go to hypnosis, and when I go out say, shopping or going to a restaurant, I don’t feel scared at all! I actually feel like I am part of the crown and not someone who stands out to everyone. Now when I am going out with my friends I don’t feel hesitant–I am excited. It used to be hard to leave my house but not anymore. Another thing I have noticed Is that I have been feeling a lot more confident in myself. I am putting myself down a lot less that I used to, and it is getting better all of the time. I am facing my fears and in confronting them with out worrying what anyone else thinks. I believe this has changed me, earlier I was a little unsure about how it would work out but it is something I would recommend to anyone. Changed my life. Thanks



Issue: Panic attacks, anxiety

Since I have gone through these session with Kristin I have felt more confident in myself. As the weeks went on I found myself thinking more positively. At the last session when Kristin asked how I have been feeling I was amazed once I looked back and realized how dramatically my life has changed since my first session. I no longer have panic attacks something I have been dealing with on a daily basis for years. I don’t obsess anymore. I am a lot more relaxed. This was like 5 wonderful massages. Thank you so much!!


Issue: Smoking Cessation

I just made it through a very stressful week and didn’t need a cigarette at all to get through it. The process was interesting and quite painless. Money very well spent. I looked forward to each session with Kristin and thanks for helping me to take this important step.


Issue: Weight loss

Yes! This is a good choice for me or anyone looking to loose weight. Twenty pounds in six weeks with no desire to cheat. How did you do it. Who is this? Why is this? Positive changes



I liked so many things about your hypnosis program. The depth of the experience. The security I felt with you and trust, even thought I don’t really know you the strength I now feel in myself is what I have always wanted. I liked how directed the experience was and that I never felt specific expectations from you. You were there to help and to guide. I liked how I didn’t feel specific pressures or expectations about my life. It is simple I received a new openness, hope and courage.


Issue: Weight loss

Progress was substantially made. Anxiety was considerably diminished and I know coming to an end. Comfort eating decreased. Confidence level increased and family dynamic changed for the better. All in all a very excellent experience.